We're here to find your blend

Hi, we're Helen & Matt; a pair with passion for paint and founders of Blend.

Having worked in home decor since 2015 running Decorating Centre Online, we've spent a lot of time thinking and talking about paint. We found that painting your home has been made so complicated, expensive and impersonal. From colour cards created by big corporates that rarely change to being unable to get the colour you love without spending a small fortune, it's never really made much sense.

So blend was born to shake up the decorating space and put personality back into paint. We want to encourage a better way to decorate, one that brings more styles to the forefront and makes them accessible to all.

And it's been quite a journey, from finding the perfect paint formulas for performance and sustainability, to building our own in-house colour lab to offer super accurate matches and stunning new shades in minutes. We've built blend from the ground up to lead the charge against magnolia.

Our aim is that no matter where you find inspiration, you'll find a blend that brings it to life.

Whether that's a colourblend™️ based on another designer shade, an influencer collab or a piece of fabric you've fallen in love with. We promise to keep it super simple too, with a line up of 4 epic finishes, you can't go wrong. Our luxury flat matt and scrubbable matt are available now, and a stunning eggshell and versatile multi-surface paint are in the works.

Let's Roll.